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How our Technology Works

The Basic Power Unit is connected in parallel to a building’s electrical service at the main breaker panel or sub-panel on the consumer side of the utility electric meter. The electromagnetic reactor within the BPU™ provides multiple power quality benefits that include voltage optimization, phase balancing, sag and surge mitigation, power factor correction and harmonic mitigation and is able to filter out distortions to the AC wave and correct them.

As the reactor core saturates it then charges storage capacitors within the unit and then supplies this power to the electrical equipment in the building. As the BPU™ is the least resistive point in the electrical system all the electrical equipment in the building will seek power from the BPU™ before seeking additional power from the utility.

This results in a reduction in overall kWh consumption and kW demand. Other manufacturer’s power quality transformers discard electrical noise once it is filtered from the electrical service. They effectively throw away electricity that you have purchased.

The BPU™ is the only technology in the world that can capture and correct distortions and turn them back into useful power so that you buy only what you need and use all that you buy. Basic Power makes energy more efficient.

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