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Technology Highlights

Feature Description Consumer Benefit
Electromagnetic Solid State Reactor Core Evenly distributes load, captures wasted energy, and regenerates lost energy to usable power Reduces power consumption and provides a reduction of kWh and kW in excess of 11%.
Lightning Protection and Surge Suppression Provides whole building lightning protection and surge suppression No need to purchase lighting protection or surge suppression devices for the building or individual equipment
Eliminates Harmonic Distortion Patented active filtration technology Reduces equipment maintenance and extends equipment life. No need to purchase harmonic filters for individual equipment.
Eliminates Sags and Swells Energy management techniques balances the voltage supplied to equipment Reduces impact on sensitive electronic control equipment eliminating waste for downtime
Phase Balancing Distributes load across each phase evenly Contributes to kWh savings and reduces infrastructure costs
Power Factor Correction Power management techniques Reduces Demand Charges levied by utility company.